Pastor Alvin dela Peña - January 9, 2021

Grounded To Move

God's goodness is written in His Word. And as the Bible says, heaven and earth may fail, but His Word will never pass away. Be assured today that God is good and He wants nothing but for us to experience His goodness always and in all ways.


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We’re so glad that you joined us today. We pray that you are encouraged and edified as you hear the Good News about Christ Jesus.

It is not an accident that you came. God has good things prepared for you to receive from Him—good and perfect gifts for a good life. Whether you are visiting or are looking for a place to belong, you will always be welcome here.

It is our privilege to have you today. May you experience the love of God toward you in every way, and every day encounter the real Jesus, who deeply and extravagantly loves you.

Pastors Alvin and Michelle dela Peṅa
Lead Pastors, New Life The Fort

Our desire in New Life is that every person would have an encounter with God, that every hopeless situation would be turned around. With God’s intervention, your mess would become your message, your test would become your testimony, and you would enjoy abundant LIFE that Jesus came to bring. We extend ourselves to you.

God’s blessings to you!

  • A city to touch…
  • A nation to reach…
  • A world to change…
  • All of us together, making a difference.

Pastors Paul and Shoddy Chase
Founders & Senior Pastors

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