Meet Our Pastors

Our ministry began far away from the skyscrapers and lights of the modern city of Manila as we were sent to the islands; it was there in the province that our ministry and calling unfolded. Our genesis story was a nine-and-a-half year journey of learning how to follow God’s plan while learning to love a country not ours by birth, but ours by His call.

Many years later, through sowing our lives, we have seen countless miracles and many have met Christ, cities have had visitation from the Lord, and many have been taught the Word of God. Through victories and trials we continue, by His grace, the journey started in 1980. God has blessed us with an amazing team along with sincere Pastors who understand what it takes to touch a nation: men and women working together who know how to be a part of and build a team. Touching a nation is our calling and our life. The men and women of New Life have heeded His command to “Go into all the World…” Those words are still being spoken by the Lord, and still heard by many.


A city to touch.
A nation to reach.
A world to change.
All of us together,
making a difference.



The Church is not just an organized group of people thinking and planning. It is a body that is connected to the Head –– Jesus. His thoughts become our thoughts. His ways become our ways. His passion becomes our passion. His values become our values. And from the Head, God’s purposes flow into the body (the Church) and we demonstrate and reflect Him out into the world. This is the heart of New Life.

Pastors Paul and Shoddy Chase

Founders & Senior Pastors