The Impossible is Possible

On May 9, I was on my way to the office when I felt pain in my right ear. Then halfway through my shift I felt some weird movement on the right side of my face, my right eye started to close by itself and I wasn't able to smile properly. I tried to drink water but it kept coming out of my mouth. I tried to eat but I couldn't taste the food. I went to our company doctor who tested me thoroughly and then diagnosed me with Bell's palsy. He gave me prescriptions and instructed me to see a neurologist as soon as possible. The next day I had a neurologist confirm that it was Bell's palsy. What was the cause? He didn't know. He said it could be due to an infection from another sickness like diabetes or lime disease but I hadn't had any of those diseases before. The doctor didn't know the cause of the Bell's palsy, but I knew it was the work of the devil. Just one week before I had started a fellowship group at my place to tell people more about Jesus. The devil was trying to stop me from sharing the Gospel but I didn't stop!

I did some research on Bell's palsy and learned that most people were healed in six months to one year. In some cases it took more than a year and some were never healed from the disease. Fear tried to creep into my heart but the Lord was quick to overcome it with His love. He told me that I was the healed of the Lord and it would be a water to wine miracle. Two weeks passed by and there was no progress, but I didn't lose hope because the Lord continued to perform miracles in my life. Although I still had the disease, I didn't stop loving people and sharing the Gospel and many people were blessed as a result.

One Sunday at church, Pastora Mitch laid hands on me and prayed for my healing. At that moment I knew I was healed. I knew God had moved. Many others also laid hands on me believing for my healing. On the third week I began to see some progress in my face until it was 80 percent healed.

On June 9, exactly one month after I had been struck by the disease, I attended the fourth service at New Life the Fort. I wanted to shout for joy because God is faithful and so amazing. After the praise and worship, Pastora Mylene called out people with impossible dreams they couldn't fulfill or huge problems they couldn't overcome, to come forward for prayer. I went forward and as Pastora Mylene laid hands on me and prayed for me, I knew at that very moment I was 100 percent healed. I was so happy, I couldn't help but tell everyone! God makes the impossible possible for those He loves. The God who made the impossible possible for me, is the same God who will do it for you!